Jersey Shore Nurses Talk to the Community About Staffing, Other Key Issues - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Jersey Shore Nurses Talk to the Community About Staffing, Other Key Issues

As contract negotiations get underway, HPAE Local 5058 RNs at Jersey University Medical Center/Hackensack Meridian Health were out in the community yesterday to talk to community residents about the need for safe staffing ratios and the problem of medical debt.  The nurses also gave blood pressure screenings.

The community outreach is part of a comprehensive contract campaign to achieve a fair contract which addresses our key issues. If the first negotiations session is any indication, we will have a tremendous struggle to achieve our objectives. We need every member to get this message to management. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT TAKEBACKS!

AFTER YEARS OF HARD FOUGHT WINS IN OUR CONTRACT HMH is proposing to force us back to the 1970s before we had a strong voice in our working conditions. Here is what they have put on the negotiations table:

  1. Punitive proposals for call outs and cancellations. More than 3 days of PTU leads to discipline
  2. No compensation for cancellation by employer
  3. All nurses to be floated everywhere including nurses in Med/Surg units, in Core shifts and senior nurses  (JSUMC)
  4. Nurses required to be forced to take charge duties (SOMC)
  5. Flexing at anytime with no compensation and RN’s on OT/incentives flexed first (SOMC)
  6. Limitation of PTO and vacation in winter, including limit to 2 weeks of winter vacation and limited PTO during winter holidays.
  7. Taking away Open Shift Incentive from closed units


Our answer is:
1.      A voice for all healthcare workers in HMH system
2.      Nurse to patient ratios
3.      A fair wage increase
4.      Affordable, accessible health insurance