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NJ’s only Public Hospital Needs a State-of-the-Art
Medical Campus

University Hospital in Newark is the premier medical teaching and research facility and all New Jerseyans should take pride in this landmark hospital. It is essential that state government and the whole New Jersey legislature increase University Hospital’s annual line item budget to at least $150 million and come up with the financing mechanism to fund the $1.2 billion estimated cost of a new University Hospital campus to replace the facility that was built 43 years ago.

Read the HPAE Postion Paper: Fulfilling the Historic Charge of University Hospital in Newark.

HPAE urges the state to make University Hospital a funding priority so UH, the state’s only public acute care hospital, can meet its mission for caring for the most vulnerable and the most in need:

  • invest $151.1 million in University Hospital’s annual line item budget, starting with New Jersey’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget;
  • invest at least $600 million of ARPA funds into building a new campus at NJ’s only public hospital, University Hospital;
  • NJ must invest in a premier, state of the art medical campus, while increasing financial support for the hospital’s operations.


HPAE statement FY-2023 NJ Budget
Jun 29 2022

HPAE nurses and healthcare workers argued for... Gov. Phil Murphy and state legislators to adequately fund the operation of New Jersey’s only public hospital by raising the annual budget allocation for University Hospital in Newark to $151.1 million.

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