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Understaffing is driving our healthcare system to the brink of collapse. That is why HPAE, New Jersey’s largest union of healthcare workers, is pushing the state legislature to pass a law in Trenton mandating enforceable staffing ratios.

The problem is clear – frontline healthcare workers continue to migrate out of bedside nursing at an alarming rate because of untenable working conditions. Driven in large part by working shorthanded, this unsafe work environment has led to tremendous burnout in the profession as many more leave healthcare due to stress. And when healthcare workers suffer – the unavoidable result is patient care suffers.

Too often nurses in NJ are working short-staffed, a problem that has existed for decades, but has now hit a point where our entire healthcare system is in a state of crisis. In study after study, short staffing has been shown to compromise patient care and safety, as well as nurse safety. Every healthcare worker and every patient are feeling the pain of short staffing, while healthcare executives continue to profit.

Read HPAE’s latest position paper CODE RED: Understaffed. Overworked. Unsafe for Everyone.

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Rally for Safe Staffing Photo Gallery
May 12 2023

Trenton Legislators heard Our Voices, as we called on them to pass an effective, enforceable staffing ratio bill to keep patients safe, keep us safe, and stop the bleed of nurses leaving the profession at alarming rates. It was a

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NJ nurses rally for more staff, lighter workloads (video)
May 12 2023

Hundreds of nurses rallied at the State House in Trenton, chanting, “Safe staffing saves lives!” ...claiming they’re overworked, understaffed and out of patience with New Jersey healthcare systems that don’t schedule enough nurses per shift.

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Safe Staffing Newsletter #2
Apr 04 2023

It's time our voices are heard. Join us at the Safe Staffing Rally on May 11 where will tell lawmakers we have had enough. We are standing together—workers, patients, community members and advocates.

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Safe Staffing Newsletter #1
Apr 04 2023

Healthcare workers, patients and community activists will Rally in Trenton on May 11 to tell legislators to pass a law mandating enforceable safe staffing levels in New Jersey hospitals.

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NJ HPAE Eyeing NYSNA Staffing Patient Ratio Pact
Jan 13 2023

A contract deal between New York City private hospitals and the New York State Nurses Association which provides for enforceable patient nurse staffing ratios is being hailed by New Jersey’s largest union of healthcare workers as an essential benchmark.

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Right now, nursing is broken
Jan 27 2022

When I can get out and run my errands, I see people who aren’t taking precautions to protect themselves, and it’s frustrating because, inside the hospitals, health professionals are in crisis mode.

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Safe Staffing Bill Introduced in Congress
May 09 2017

As HPAE continues the fight for safe staffing legislation in New Jersey, a bill which sets national standards for nurse staffing levels has been introduced in Congress.  Last week, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) introduced the Nurse Staffing Standards

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HPAE Celebrates National Nurses Week: May 6 – 12
May 06 2017

Taking Action to Protect Health Care and Patient Safety HPAE nurses and health professionals play an important role in improving the delivery of healthcare services and advocating for patient, worker safety. During Nurses Week, we celebrate all that nurses and

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Keep Our Hospitals Safe
Feb 28 2017

Nurses and health professionals joined together to Keep Hospitals Safe on Monday, February 27, at the Trenton Statehouse and demand Trenton fully fund hospital inspections and pass patient safety, worker protection laws. Click here to learn how Trenton can Keep Our

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Members Meet with Cumberland County Freedholders
Mar 30 2016

    Inspira RNs from Vineland had a meeting with the Cumberland County Freeholders to brief them on issues that will be presented at the upcoming negotiations and how they may impact the citizens of Cumberland County. Local 5131 RNs

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Staffing Forum Addresses Key Issues
Mar 01 2016

Our local held a Staffing Forum held on February 17. The forum was an interactive meeting in which updates were given on the arbitration award regarding contract section 4.11 positions, the hospital’s acuity system, and staffing legislation in New Jersey.

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