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Campaign for Patient Safety and Safe Staffing

HPAE 2022 Survey of Current & Recent Bedside Nurses at New Jersey Hospitals

After facing a global pandemic, HPAE partnered with an independent polling company, Change Research, to conduct a multi-phase research program to better understand the experiences, challenges, and needs of hospital nurses in these unprecedented times.  The results of the survey shine a light on the current staffing crisis. The solution is clear, and now is time for all healthcare workers and patients to call on lawmakers to move forward legislation to improve staffing and working conditions at hospitals across New Jersey.

CRISIS BREWING: Overworked and poorly compensated nurses are leaving the profession, saying hospital safety is on the decline

Read Phase One – The Qualitative Focus Group

Read Phase Two – Final Survey Results

Proposed New Jersey safe Staffing Bill

The proposed New Jersey law establishes a base-line safe limit on the number of patients one nurse can care with adjustments for a patient’s illness (called acuity) and his or her need for nursing care. The sicker the patient, the higher the acuity. New Jersey’s bill, sponsored by Sen. Joe Vitale (S.304) and Assemblywoman (A4536), reflects both the science and experience of bedside nurses who day in and day out take care of the sickest among us. We believe every patient, in every hospital, deserves the same high level of care their illness demands, just as nurses should know that when they come to work, they will be able to deliver quality care to all patients.

This long drawn-out fight over safe staffing levels has chased many nurses away from our profession. The argument against safe staffing pushed by hospital CEOs diminishes the voices and values of nurses. The problem is under staffing, and the solution is safe staffing. It’s time for the legislature to move forward with legislation setting safe staffing levels that give nurses the tools they need to keep their patients safe.


Save The Date: April 26, 2018 Nurses Take DC
Mar 02 2018

HPAE is joining forces with Nurses Take DC to join colleagues from across the country to urge Congress to set standards for nurse staffing levels. More details TBA. For now mark your calendar to join us Thursday, April 26, 2018,

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HPAE Thanks Senator Joe Vitale & Assemblyman Dan Benson
Feb 09 2018

Nurses caring for patients at the bedside have a voice in their workplace when they are unionized. As the state’s largest healthcare union, HPAE represents 13,000 healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes, addiction treatment centers, health clinics, research labs and

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HPAE Celebrates National Nurses Week: May 6 – 12
May 06 2017

Taking Action to Protect Health Care and Patient Safety HPAE nurses and health professionals play an important role in improving the delivery of healthcare services and advocating for patient, worker safety. During Nurses Week, we celebrate all that nurses and

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Keep Our Hospitals Safe
Feb 28 2017

Nurses and health professionals joined together to Keep Hospitals Safe on Monday, February 27, at the Trenton Statehouse and demand Trenton fully fund hospital inspections and pass patient safety, worker protection laws. Click here to learn how Trenton can Keep Our

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Members Meet with Cumberland County Freedholders
Mar 30 2016

    Inspira RNs from Vineland had a meeting with the Cumberland County Freeholders to brief them on issues that will be presented at the upcoming negotiations and how they may impact the citizens of Cumberland County. Local 5131 RNs

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Staffing Forum Addresses Key Issues
Mar 01 2016

Our local held a Staffing Forum held on February 17. The forum was an interactive meeting in which updates were given on the arbitration award regarding contract section 4.11 positions, the hospital’s acuity system, and staffing legislation in New Jersey.

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