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Tentative Agreements Ratified – Summary of Contract

On Tuesday, June 4th 2019  members voted to ratify local tentative agreements that included an across the board wage increases 1st year- 2.50%, retro to June 1st  , 2nd year- 2.25%  and 3rd year- 2.25%. With additional step increases the first pay period in December that average 1%.


  • No changes to your health benefits, 403b or frozen LTS balances from December 31, 2002.

Article 27 Reassignment:

  • No involuntary reassignment to Mullica Hill or Woodbury campuses (except dialysis).
  • $5.00 differential for volunteering to go work at Mullica Hill or Woodbury if you sign-up ahead of time.
  • Nurses with 30 or more years of seniority will no longer be reassigned involuntarily between campuses, unless there is no one less senior for the reassignment.
  • Detox nurses may be reassigned to the ED crisis and/or ED patients waiting for medical clearance. Acute care and Detox may be reassigned to each other for a critical need. Detox will be reassigned within Bridgeton campus prior to being reassigned to other campuses.

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