Update on Layoffs at UBHC, August 10, 2020 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Update on Layoffs at UBHC, August 10, 2020

Download the We Are Not Disposable Flyer.

Since July 23, HPAE has been working with our UBHC membership regarding layoff notices issued by Rutgers University. These layoff notices are to take effect on August 22nd, leaving our hardworking healthcare co-workers without a full time job, health insurance, or tuition remission benefits.

We have engaged in a full campaign to save the jobs of those effected in the Children’s Mobile Response Unit, Adult Partial Hospitalization Program, and IT. A number of media articles have gone out through the Star Ledger, Courier, and others:

We are actively engaging with legislators in the State office in Trenton, up to and including the Governor’s office. We have met with Labor Relations and UBHC administration in an effort to have layoff notices rescinded, implement the Secondary Assignment language of our contract, or engage in a work share program.

Despite these actions, we still do not have a commitment from the University to protect the jobs of those at UBHC who have tirelessly worked to keep their programs running during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Rutgers continues to insist that positions will be brought back when “the current situation allows us to return to business as usual,” that is not a comfort to those in danger of losing their livelihood through a layoff.

Through all of this, we are so impressed with our UBHC membership. The organization of our members for multiple activities in the media, legislative meetings, and involvement in planning for direct future activities on these layoffs is the true definition of Unionism in action, but we are not done yet.

HPAE continues to talk with Rutgers to attempt to reach a solution that is beneficial to our members and the University as a whole, and will do so throughout the period leading up to these layoffs. We need your help to keep this fight going. We need to all stand together with our Union brothers and sisters in this fight. We will be having a membership meeting next week to plan for additional membership actions. Please make every attempt to attend.

Should you receive a layoff notice, please notify your Union rep, Union officer, or Staff Representative immediately to understand your layoff rights and to exercise those rights to the full extent of the contract. A list of union representatives can be found on our local website:

We cannot allow Rutgers to continue to hoard its financial reserves, reallocate funds to the athletics program, and hire benefits ineligible employees while our members are left in the streets to fend for themselves. The time for action is now, and we will show Rutgers that our members will not take this lying down. This is the time to join your co-workers and Union leadership in this fight.

We are asking all of you for your help. Please take a few moments to print the attached We Are Not Disposable flier and take a selfie to support your fellow healthcare workers save their jobs. Show Rutgers that an injury to one is an injury to all. When you are done, please send upload your photo at our DropBox link:

In solidarity,

Ryan Novosielski, Co-President, Local 5094

Justin O’Hea, Co-President, Local 5094