HPAE Local 5103 Membership Update & Member Actions - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5103 Membership Update & Member Actions

I have uploaded the bargaining newsletters to both Facebook pages. I ask that you take the time to review them for an update on bargaining, they are brief outlines on the proposals put forward by our employer. At the bottom of this post you will find a link to a Coalition survey. This info will be used in the future to let the public know what we face in the workplace and how we are treated. There is also a spot on the survey to upload a picture of either yourself or a group of our members wearing your pins. I encourage you to take part in this, when our employer sees membership participation it sends a strong message that we are taking this seriously and WE as a Union should be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Ida we received the Coalition pins late, we made a push to hand out as many as possible last week. If you haven’t received one please reach out to a member of the LEB so we can do our best to get you one. I ask that anyone that has either a Coalition pin or a HPAE pin to begin wearing them immediately and every day going forward. If you are asked to remove the pin then please do so but contact a Union representative immediately as we need to know!

This afternoon we meet with Management for the first time to begin bargaining our proposals. As soon as I have an update I will let you all know!

Remember, alone you beg and together we bargain! When we stand together as a show of force it truly makes a difference. Let’s get this done!


In Solidarity,


Timothy Posser
Co-President HPAE Local 5103

P.S. Please use this link to submit your survey answers/selfies:


The link can also be found in the newsletters and can be clicked on, this will bring you to the survey.

In Solidarity,

Local 5103 Executive Board