Quest Diagnostics Local 5030 Member Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Quest Diagnostics Local 5030 Member Update

We met today, March 1st, with the management team from Quest to discuss wages and other concerns. During the darkest days of the Pandemic the members of HPAE Local 5030/Quest stepped up to provide excellent patient care. You went above and beyond to make sure lab work was done in an expeditious and professional manner to protect not only our patients but the community as well. Today we ask that Quest Management show their appreciation for your hard work and dedication and to consider a wage reopener to discuss an additional labor market rate adjustment on top of the 2% we have coming May 31st per our contract.

We explained to the management team that this would help with retention and recruitment of employees. We discussed how the new Quest Health Insurance has increased out of pocket cost and inflation has increased and 2% would not come close to covering these increases. We also presented the petition requesting a labor market rate adjustment to the management team which over 37 of our members signed. Management informed us they would take what we had to say under consideration and follow up with us. We also informed management that we would be willing to start negotiations early to address these issues. The contract currently expires on December 31 of this year.

We also discussed how new hires are hiring in at a higher rate than current employees in the medical technologist and phlebotomist classifications. Management said they would follow up on this issue with us.

The Incentive Plan (AIP) as outlined in Article 20 the contract will be paid to all members on March 10th and we ask that management send us the information pertaining to the payout which they agreed. The incentive plan was negotiated in 2021 with the Union when Quest took over and because of HPAE you received this payout in 2022 and will again this year because of your hard work and dedication with Quest.

Our new Union Representative Dolly Taborda was introduced to the management team, and they committed to continue an open dialogue and communications with Dolly to resolve issues as they come up. Dolly did a great job at her first labor/management committee meeting advocating on behalf of all the members.

We will keep you updated as this process moves forward. Please get involved in your Union because you help make the difference. It is imperative that Quest sees that all members are standing in solidarity with their Union. If you have issues or concerns, please use the email below to communicate with the local leaders.

  • EDUCATE YOURSELF AND YOUR CO-WORKERS – attend a meeting, share this flyer.
  • Email the local at Local50302@HPAE.ORG for all questions and issues you may have.


In solidarity,

Local 5030 Quest Leadership Team