Negotiations Update: Virtua Says "Do More With Less" - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Negotiations Update: Virtua Says “Do More With Less”

Over the past three years we have had multiple unit meetings with management regarding unsafe staffing and the drastic increase in the numbers of unsafe staffing forms. During those meetings, management never denied there was a staffing problem, and, in fact, promised to work hard to fix the issues our members raised.

Now, on day two of negotiations we see their solution: “Do more with less. ”

The Virtua proposals we received convey their intent to try to make us just work harder. On top of that, they now deny there is, and ever was, a staffing problem.

We will need all the membership support we can get to achieve a good contract. That is why it was so encouraging that members came out to leaflet a negotiations update to their co-workers outside the hospital.

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