HPAE local 5058 and local 5138 bargaining update, September 25 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE local 5058 and local 5138 bargaining update, September 25


On Sunday, union nurses picketed again in Neptune, showing strength and resolve in our fight for a contract we’ll be proud to ratify. More nurses picketed in the rain than the hospital had under their tents, and the support from community members at Neptune Day and elected officials at our press conference is having an impact at the table.

Our committee spoke passionately to management about bedside nursing, telling stories of plugging gaps for the sake of our patients and enduring disrespect when we raise concerns that should be addressed. Our bottom line: Despite all the discussion of benefits, staffing is priority.

Bargaining is a give and take, and our power is moving this corporate giant to settle fair contracts with our locals. Keep showing up and wearing your buttons and stickers with pride!

Progress in some areas:

  • Maternity Leave – open to maintaining 6-month leave
  • Insurance during Medical Leave – maintain for 6-month leave
  • Bereavement – expanding benefit and maintain ability to schedule your own days

Major Issues Remaining:

  • Holiday Pay – HMH wants to split night shift premium across two shifts, meaning you would only get 7hrs premium pay on your required holiday
  • Non-RN Duties – no commitment
  • Health Insurance – management wants us to waive our right to bargain over this benefit in exchange for a lower payroll deduction
  • OT – exclude PTO and bereavement time in calculating
  • Contract Expiration – HMH wants to divide our locals
  • Open Shift & Extra Weekend – HMH only wants to pay one of these

Negotiations continue Friday, Sep. 28, location TBD.

Open Enrollment Update:

We’ve heard confusion about the open enrollment email HMH recently sent to members.

Management cannot make unilateral changes to our benefits, and we continue to bargain over our health insurance. There will be another open enrollment period for RNs covered by our new contract. Members should take no action at this time.

HPAE and Hackensack Meridian are in a labor dispute.