Local 5621 Contract Summary - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5621 Contract Summary

Term of the Contract: 3 years, expires May 31, 2022

 Article 53 Wages:

  • Across the board wage increases:
  • 1st year- 2.50%, retro to June 1st
  • 2nd year- 2.25%
  • 3rd year- 2.25%
  • With additional step increases the first pay period in December that average 1%.


  • No changes to your health benefits or 403b.

Move to Mullica Hill:

  • We signed a process agreement for the relocation of Woodbury hospital to Mullica Hill, all jobs are protected and no one has to reapply for their position, the contract will cover the new facility and the language includes meeting regularly to resolve issues with mutual cooperation.

Article 27 Reassignment:

  • No involuntary reassignment to other Inspira campuses (Vineland, Elmer, Bridgeton).
  • $5.00 differential for volunteering to go work at Vineland, Elmer or Bridgeton if you sign-up ahead of time.
  • No significant changes to the clinical clusters, even after the move to Mullica Hill.

Article 25 Staffing:

  • DCNs in the ICU and tele unit will phase out “designated charge nurse” without a patient assignment. Starting September 1st, 2019, charge nurses in these units will have a patient assignment and the role will change.

Article 14 Classification of Employees:

  • No changes to the per diem availability requirements. Per diems must work one summer and one winter holiday on a rotating basis.

Article 29 National Certification Approval and Prepayment Process:

  • Reduced the number of hours you have to work in a year from 1,000 to 500 needed for the hospital to pay for your national certification and mandatory education requirements.

NJ Earned Sick Leave Law:

  • We are now included (FT and PT) to the NJ Earned Sick Leave Law protections, now can have up to 40 hours of “sick time” to use before a callout will count as an occurrence.

 Article 24 Preceptors and Preceptor Pay:

  • Increased opportunities for preceptor pay. A 1:1 with a student now qualifies for the differential.

Side Letter:

  • Extended BSN deadline of 2 years for members not grandfathered into not having that as a requirement. New employees will have two years from their date of hire to finish their BSN.
  • Increased tuition reimbursement for BSN degree- $10,000 for full-time, $5,000 for part-time with a two year commitment, current reimbursements with 1 year commitment are still an option.

Article 42 Scheduling:

  • Managers will now let you know if your short term PTO request is granted or denied within 4 weeks from the receipt of the request.
  • You can now request extended PTO at the beginning of the year for the following 12 months and not just the calendar year.
  • Created language for a more equitable way of distributing extended PTO requests for the entire year.

Article 48 Holidays:

  • Off-shift employees will now receive holiday pay for their entire shift.
  • We have language that allows individual units to create holiday schedules different than what’s in the contract and they will not be unreasonably denied if it meets the operational needs of the unit. Current holiday scheduling practices remain the same if it works for your unit.
  • Cancellations on the day of the holiday will be done by seniority and not a rotation.

Article 71 Temporary Reduction of Staffing (Cancellation):

  • Cancellation order and processes clarified.

Article 62 Ancillary Benefits:

  • Protected ancillary benefits except food service and cafeteria hours, mainly because that will change when the move happens. Still will not have to pay for parking and maintain day care and fitness connections reimbursement when you move to the new facility.

Article 35 Job Posting:

  • We will now have preference for job postings at Vineland, Elmer and Bridgeton over outside candidates and vice versa. Internal candidates at each local still have first preference for positions.
  • Must stay in a new position for 6 months + orientation/introductory period before you can transfer to another position, management may waive this requirement at its discretion, which will not be unreasonably denied.
  • The hospital will let you know in writing (email) if you do not get a job you applied for within 7 days.

Article 70 Clinical Ladder:

  • Added an additional option in level 1 of the clinical ladder, changed deadline for submission, but that will take effect January 2020.