United Statement from HPAE Local Presidents in response to HMH “Harmonization” initiatives for 2020

As union members and employees at HMH, we are glad to see that HMH finally recognizes their employees are not compensated properly for their value and experience when it comes to those delivering patient care at HMH facilities. Based on the recent email to all employees, clearly HMH recognizes the problem that we within HPAE have said for some time now. HMH should value our work and experience when it comes to patient care and pay us all a fair wage.

As we begin the bargaining process at Jersey Shore and Southern Ocean Medical Center with HMH, we encourage all union members to stand united to win what is best not only for our patients but for our membership and our families.

Signed in Unity,

Sandra White, President 5097

Lorna “Mickie” Miquiabas, President 5030

Anna Pona, President 5138

Adam Witt, President 5058

Sandra White, President 5097