Local 5142 Bargaining Update: More Progress, But Still Not Enough - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5142 Bargaining Update: More Progress, But Still Not Enough

On Friday, May 22nd, we continued to have substantive conversation with the Hospital despite remaining far apart on critical issues. At our next session this Friday the 29th, the Hospital will be delivering another comprehensive counter proposal. If there is not significant movement from them in this counter, we will be delivering notice for an Informational Picket, which is a way for us to deliver our message to the public by picketing outside of the hospital and demanding that that they settle a fair contract. This is not a strike or work stoppage, but simply a way for nurses who are not working at the facility at the time to take our message to the public. If we call for an informational picket, it will be critical for our membership to show up and make your voices heard, so be on the lookout for the date and time of the potential action.

Additionally, contrary to what the Hospital has said to you, our committee has not asked for a 20% raise. This is misinformation meant to divide our members. There are huge pay discrepancies between nurses with the same amount of experience in our membership, and we are working on flattening this out so that there is fairness in the pay scale. What the hospital has previously proposed to us is a 3% raise that does nothing to address the PTO and other benefits the hospital illegally took from us by violating our contract, and is also conditions that 3% on our Union dropping the charges we filed because of the illegal changes they made. That is not an agreement that we could ever bring to our members.

Your actions and support have been critical in getting us where we are now, and with that continued support, we are determined to see this through and win a fair contract.

United we stand!

Local 5142 Bargaining Committee