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HPAE Press Conference on Workers’ Rights Violations at Meadowlands Hospital

HPAE held a press conference Tuesday, October 2 to highlight workers' rights violations at Meadowlands Hospital, as well as concerns over patient care. HPAE President Ann Twomey was joined by New Jersey AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. Also at the press conference were HPAE members and staff, along with news reporters from north Jersey newspapers.

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President Twomey described the violations of workers' rights at the hospital. She noted that HPAE has filed a series of unfair labor practice charges against the hospital with the National Labor Relations Board and is requesting a 10j injunction, which would expedite remedial action. She emphasized that HPAE has serious concerns about the impact on patient care due to the actions of the hospital's owners, MHA.

President Wowkanech said that the hospital's behavior toward its employees was indefensible. He pledged the full support  of the entire New Jersey labor movement.

At the press conference, letters of support from Senators Sweeney and Weinberg, as well as Senator Vitale, were read.

Reporters  received a press packet that included:

  • The HPAE White Paper Report on Meadowlands Hospital – "Meadowlands Hospital and the State of New Jersey: Failures of Oversight Put Profits Before Patients at a Community Hospital". The report can be found at htttp://www.hpae.org/meadowlandsinfo
  • A list of workers' rights violations
  • The charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board
  • A flyer passed out to the community

President Twomey noted that the hospital tried to stop the press conference from happening by filing for an injunction. A judge denied their request and the press conference went on as planned.

Below are photos from the press conference and press packet material:



Letters of Support and Documents in the Press Packet

Press Release Issued by HPAE (Includes Letter of Support from Senators Sweeney and Weinberg)

Charges Filed With the NLRB

Summary of Workers’ Rights Violations

Letter of Support from Senator Vitale

Press Release from Assemblywoman Wagner Supporting HPAE

Community Flyer