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Sources of Information and Analysis


On this page you'll find information, analysis, documents, and financial research about Meadowlands Hospital, which is owned by a for-profit company, MHA. Since MHA assumed ownership of the hospital in December 2010, HPAE has raised serious concerns about the owners' business practices, including  the impact on patient care. We have also strongly advocated for proper enforcement of state regulations and laws by the Department of Health and the Office of the Attorney General.


NJ DOH Fines Meadowlands Hospital For Failure to Provide Financial Information


HPAE White Paper on Meadowlands Hospital

"Meadowlands Hospital and the State of New Jersey: Failures of Oversight Put Profits Before Patients at a Community Hospital"

September 12, 2012

An HPAE "White Paper" shows how state regulators have failed to monitor and oversee the activities of Meadowlands Hospital, a for-profit hospital. As a result, laws and regulations designed to safeguard patient care have not been enforced.

Read the HPAE White Paper on Meadowlands Hospital

Articles and Comments on the HPAE White Paper

Health Care Union Calls for State to Send in Monitoring Team to Meadowlands Hospital – September 13, 2012


Health Insurance Plan – Complaint Regarding Unpaid Bills & Deductibles

Employees at the hospital have $300,000 worth of unpaid medical bills because of the hospital's failure to abide by provisions of the contract and ERISA. Management has also unilaterally increased employee deductibles four-fold.

HPAE Complaint to the Employee Benefits Security Administration, January 15, 2013

Open Enrollment Document With Deductible Schedule – 2013

Open Enrollment Document With Deductible Schedule – 2012


Corporate Ownership Structure

The owners of MHA created an incredibly complex structure of corporate entities when they assumed ownership of the hospital. Click below to view the structure.

Ownership Structure


Lawsuits Regarding MHA

The owners of Meadowlands Hospital have been involved in several lawsuits. These legal matters provide a revealing picture of MHA's business practices and tactics. Below you'll find legal documents and letters regarding these lawsuits. Liberty Health Systems, which owns Jersey City Medical Center and formerly owned Meadowlands Hospital is suing MHA while MHA is suing the Aetna insurance company. Finally, a lawsuit by the Vogster Entertainment, LLC. involves owners of MHA. 

Aetna Letter to the Judge – August 7, 2012

MHA Response to Aetna's August 6 Letter – August 7, 2012

Aetna letter to the Judge – August 6, 2012, 2012

Aetna Motion to Dismiss MHA Suit – July 20, 2012

MHA Complaint Against Aetna – May 8, 2012

Liberty Lawsuit Against MHA – July 20, 2012

Vogster Complaint – March 12, 2009

Defense Against Vogster Complaint by Defendant – April 6, 2009

MHA Principal Owner Supports Vogster Complaint – April 15, 2009


Violations of State and Federal Regulations at Meadowlands Hospital

Dept. of Health Imposes Additional Fines After Meadowlands Still Does Not Provide Financial Data – March 26, 2013

NJ Dept. of Health Fines Meadowlands for Failure to Provide Financial Audit – January 29, 2013

US DOH Inspection – November 16, 2011

US DOH Inspection – July 7, 2011

NJ DOH Inspection – July 6, 2011

Click Here to See a Summary of the Violations Cited by DOH at "Associated" Corporate Entities


Financial Statements

Draft of 2011 Audited Financial Statement of MHA- Meadowlands Hospital

Predictions of the Finances of Meadowlands Hospital Submitted by MHA Before the Sale- April 14, 2010


Correspondence with State Government Agencies

HPAE and others have expressed concerns about MHA's business practices with the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and the Attorney General's Office. Below is a selection of this correspondence. Click on the links to read the letters.

Ann Twomey Letter to the Department of Banking and Insurance, April 19, 2013

Senator Vitale Letter to DOH, December 10, 2012

Steinhagen Letter to DOH, December 4, 2012

HPAE Letter to Deputy Attorney General Jay Ganzman, August 6, 2012

HPAE Letter to Department of Health and Senior Services (DOH) Commissioner Mary O'Dowd, August 6, 2012

HPAE Letter to DOH Commissioner Mary O'Dowd, July 23, 2012

Senator Joe Vitale Letter to DOH, August 10, 2011

Renee Steinhagen Letter to DOH, August 2, 2011

HPAE Letter to DOH, August 1, 2011

HPAE Letter to DOH, June 29, 2011


Newspaper Articles Related to Meadowlands Hospital and MHA – Click on the URL Below the Headline to Read the Article

Meadowlands Hospital bills disputed by patients, Aetna – August 15, 2012

First-year audit finds fault in for-profit hospital's finances – July 31, 2012

Hospital Association did not support Prieto, Wisniewski, Bramnick effort to exempt hospitals from PIP regs – May 18, 2012

Legislation would have exempted sponsor's law client from hospital fee caps – May 4, 2012

Meadowlands hospital neuroscientist fired over controversial autism treatment – January 10, 2012

N.J. medical marijuana center official booted over ties to con man Solomon Dwek – Sept. 18, 2011


Legal Documents Regarding Sale of the Hospital – CHAPA, Certificate of Need (CN)

Before MHA could acquire ownership of Meadowlands Hospital, they had to provide financial and other information to the state. Based on such information and other representations, the state determined that MHA's acquistion was in conformance with CHAPA, a law that requires that certain conditions be met for the sale of  a non-profit hospital to a for-profit owner. DHSS also issued a certificate of need (CN) to MHA to run the hospital. Finally, the a Superior Court judge issued a final order of sale. Click on the links to read these documents. 

Sale of Meadowlands – Superior Court Judge's Final Order – December 1, 2010

Sale of Meadowlands Hospital to MHA Complied With CHAPA: Opinion from Attorney General's Office -November 10, 2010

DOH Grants CN to MHA – November 1, 2010