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HPAE Supports Paid Sick Leave Bill in Newark

Last night,  Newark’s City Council moved for first reading an ordinance that will allow all workers in Newark to earn paid sick time.  The ordinance was expected to pass on final reading; however, at the 11th hour, provisions strengthening key aspects of the  bill were added.  The Council unanimously approved the amendments, so the final bill is scheduled for a vote at the first Council meeting of the New Year, on January 8.

HPAE has been a strong supporter of paid sick leave. We were part of a coalition that successfully won paid sick leave in Jersey City and we are now working to pass paid sick leave in Newark.

At last night's Council meeting, Local 5089 President Elmer Daniels testified. Elmer told the Council that “This ordinance could have a huge impact in preventing contagion during flu season and deadly disease pandemics.  New research from the National Health Interview Survey finds that workers with paid sick days are more likely to visit the doctor at least once a year and to get cancer screenings at recommended intervals. Paid sick days mean fewer trips to the emergency room and more savings for taxpayers.  We agree that earned sick days aren’t just a matter of workers’ rights – they’re critical to protecting public health.”

Photo below: Elmer testifying to the Newark City Council.


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