Bill regulating privatization efforts heads to Christie's desk - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Bill regulating privatization efforts heads to Christie’s desk

Taken from the Political State blog on – June 13, 2014

A bill that Democrats say would guard against “irresponsible” plans to outsource government services is heading to Governor Christie’s desk.

The bill, which passed the Assembly 48-30 today, would forbid privatization unless real cost savings could be shown. In addition, the work environment, including wages would have to stay the same or be better than the public sector and there would also be public disclosure requirements.

“Providing public services through private contractors should be considered only if it promotes the public interest,” said Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, D-Englewood. “It makes fiscal sense to require a thorough review and analysis of potential cost impacts prior to entering into any privatization contract.

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