Ebola - Health Professionals & Allied Employees


The resources on this page are being provided to assist HPAE leaders, members, and staff in understanding the current, relevant standards and guidelines that employers should be implementing to protect healthcare workers who are involved in identifying, transporting, transferring, or treating Ebola cases.

HPAE Factsheets on Ebola

Read about Essential Facts About EVD

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CDC, OOSHA, NIOSH, CALOSHA, EPA, and DOT Resources on Ebola

Introduction:Getting Started

Employers should have a process in place to meet regularly with HPAE representatives and front line workers to develop site-specific policies and procedures to protect healthcare workers from exposure to Ebola Virus and other infectious diseases. To assist in clarifying the requirements and options in developing these programs, we have compiled active links to the key guidelines and standards with a sentence describing what they are. When it comes to the key issue of selection of personal protective equipment and respirators, there are different recommendations from CDC, OSHA, CALOSHA, the Biocontainment Unit at Nebraska State University and Emory Healthcare. Given the gravity of exposure to Ebola, HPAE recommends that the leaders who are involved in selection of PPE, respirators, and designing prevention programs should review all available recommendations. The CALOSH guidelines are more protective in a number of areas than the recommendations of CDC and OSHA and also provide a clearer framework for establishing programs.