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HPAE Members Honored for Saving the Life of Their Coworker

March 12, 2015

HPAE Local 5094 members Darlene Keegan and Cassandra Tichian were honored at a CWA Local 1038 meeting in Camden yesterday for their efforts in saving the life of Leah Coleman, a CWA case worker for DCP&P, who was stabbed more than 20 times by a deranged client four months ago. (Jodi Klein, the third HPAE member who came to Ms. Coleman’s aid, was not in attendance at the meeting.)

Two CWA coworkers who helped subdue Coleman’s attacker and the three HPAE RNs who helped her were honored with Resolutions from the New Jersey State Legislature saluting their actions.

HPAE Vice President Bernie Gerard said the trio were just doing their job: “What we, as nurses, do is help out. We jump into situations and help whenever we can. It’s in the fabric of our being,” Gerard noted. “These nurses must have been terrified, but they dominated their fear and helped out.”

Also representing HPAE at the meeting were Local 5094 Reps Rachel Brown and Ana Delgado. Rachel Brown serves on the Local 5094 Executive Board as the chairperson for the Child Health Unit. Ana Delgado serves as the Local 5094 Health & Safety Chair.

Photo below: Leah Coleman speaking at the meeting:

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