What do we want for Nurses Week? - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

What do we want for Nurses Week?

May 6th, 2015 kicked off National Nurses Week.

During the week, our employers hand out roses, take out newspaper ads applauding their nurses, or offer a free lunch or small gift. As a union, we fight to ensure nurses and other health professionals get the respect, recognition and rights we’ve earned every day of the year.

Currently all three of our local unions are in contract negotiations with Rutgers University, University Hospital and Rowan University. The best way for our employers to truly recognize and honor nurses and healthcare professionals is to settle our contracts. Negotiations are scheduled throughout the month of May and we look forward to the respect and recognition we deserve at the bargaining table in the form of a fair contract.

This sentiment is echoed by our HPAE Sate Federation President, Ann Twomey, in her latest President’s message: It’s National Nurses’ Week: What do Nurses and Health Professionals Want?

For Nurses Week, we encourage you to take action to support safe staffing. Front line healthcare workers know that safe staffing is crucial to the health and well being of our patients and our ability to provide quality, professional care. Join with nurses and other healthcare professionals across NJ as we campaign for legislation that will require all hospitals and ambulatory care centers to maintain safe nurse staffing levels. Click here to send an email to the NJ Senate and Assembly Health Committees.