​HPAE Rowan Negotiations Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

​HPAE Rowan Negotiations Update

The negotiation team for HPAE Locals 5094 and 5089 had its first session for the contract renewal with the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations representing Rowan University on May 22nd. At that session, we discussed  joint bargaining for both HPAE unions at Rowan as well as an idea to extend our contract through 2016.

Since that time, the negotiation team has provided management with a proposal for joint bargaining for our nurses and professionals which would allow for a common table for negotiations, consolidation of all HPAE members into one union and incorporation of both local agreements into a single contract.

Additionally, the negotiation team provided management with a package of proposals for a contract extension through June 30, 2016. Our extension proposal covers a specific range of contract items including: 

  1. wage increases for 2014 and 2015 through a combination of across-the-board and steps
  2. recognition of UMDNJ seniority
  3. streamlined layoff rights (now that the former UMDNJ units are excluded), expanded right to fill vacancies and a new proposal for job series bumping 
  4. clarification to our participation in the state health benefits plan
  5. elimination of parking costs 
  6. establishing an appropriate number of union reps
  7. Changing all references from UMDNJ to Rowan  

If the extension is agreed to with these terms, all other contract items will be discussed in future negotiations for a full contract in 2016. The next negotiation session is scheduled for June 25th in Trenton where management will provide responses to our proposals.

The HPAE Negotiating Committee members are:

Donna Buonadonna, Developmental Disabilities (Local 5089)
Deborah Cruz, OB/GYN (Local 5094)
Marion Dugan, Research Administration (Local 5094)
Monique Frasier, CARES Institute (Local 5094)
Mary Kosciuk, Geriatric NJISA (Local 5094)
Sheila Lewis, Financial Services (Local 5094)
Patricia Lloyd, Developmental Disabilities (Local 5089)