HPAE 5089 Nomination of Union Officers and Reps

In accordance with our union Constitution and By-Laws, the HPAE Local 5089 Nominations and Elections Committee is currently accepting nominations for eight local union officer positions as well as union representatives at Rowan, Rutgers and University Hospital.

Nomination forms were mailed to members on October Click here to download and print the nomination form and list of open positions.

Nominations must be returned by 10:00 am on November 24, 2015. Completed forms should be mailed to the address listed on the nomination form or submitted directly to a Committee member.

Only members may make a nomination and vote in union elections. Only members may run for and hold a union office. If you are an Agency Fee Payer, you may contact Tammy McCalla (tmmcalla@hpae.org) to request a membership application.

We have numerous challenges to face as a union. We must complete negotiations at Rutgers, Rowan and University Hospital; and we must continue to mobilize against the barrage of legislative and political attacks on the rights of public employees.

As always, we need a full slate of union officers and representatives to keep our organization effective and strong. Don’t take for granted that someone will be nominated to represent you – maybe that someone should be you.

Click here to download and print the nomination form.