Statement of HPAE President Ann Twomey on the Healthcare Advisory Committee Report on Bergen Regional Medical Center (BRMC)

I am pleased to see Bergen County is committed to finding an operator who will deliver quality patient care, maintain and expand patient services and honor existing contract agreements with all labor unions and maintain jobs in our community.

We thank the Task Force for their hard work in producing this report and on behalf of our members at BRMC we will continue monitor this process in selecting a new operator.

Whoever the hospital partner is in the future, the contract has to maintain County authority and responsibility for access to quality care and essential mental health services, and ensure a safe and secure work environment for dedicated nurses, social workers and staff.

For the first time in years, nurses, health professionals, and patient advocates have reason to be encouraged by the actions of our County Executive. Under the administration of Bergen County Executive Tedesco we have seen a commitment to protect our hospital and its patients, to enhance services and provide accountability.

After extensive document review the Office of the AG, the AG and the DOH Commissioner must hold a hearing at which members of the public may testify or submit written comment. Following the hearing, the AG, in consultation with the DOH Commissioner, can approve, modify, set conditions, or oppose the deal.

The future of Bergen Regional Medical Center and the fragile population we serve are depending on us to do it right this time.

HPAE President Ann Twomey