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HPAE 5089 University Hospital Update: raises & retroactive pay

Recently, members of other University Hospital unions have been formally notified by management that the retroactive pay increases outlined in their contracts are scheduled to begin on December 16th.  Despite the fact that HPAE Local 5089 members were not contacted, the Local Executive Board has been advised by Patricia Scully, Compensation & Labor Relations at UH, they anticipate our members receiving the first installment of their retroactive pay increase near the end of January 2017.

The reason for the delay is merely the result of our local ratifying our contract last coupled with the fact that there still seems to be limited staff available to process the payments. Although we understand the reason for the delay, we continue to express the frustration of our membership to management. As of right now, HPAE has been advised that the retroactive payments will take place over several pay periods, followed by the step increases that were outlined in the settlement of the arbitration filed in 2012. HPAE will continue to monitor the distribution of these payments and will communicate any progress with the members as the information develops. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact your local union rep or call HPAE Staff Rep, Dawn Baker at 201-262-5005 ext.418.

In solidarity,

Cynthia McDougall
President HPAE 5089