Local 5094 Rutgers members: Payroll migration update, January 19 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5094 Rutgers members: Payroll migration update, January 19

Over the past few months, as Rutgers transitioned to its new payroll system from Banner, there have been a number of issues that crept up. The most glaring of these was the “holdback week” that was created due to different pay periods on the two systems. As you all know by now we were able to reach an agreement with Rutgers to pay out these five (5) days owed to our members in March (2 days) and July (3 days). The days paid out in July will be at the new rate, providing a small boost on those days (2.25%).

However, the payroll migration also caused a number of other errors that we have been monitoring. These have mostly impacted our hourly members, including things like missed payment for overtime and differentials. We had been tracking about 65 or so documented errors with ticket numbers submitted by our members and had filed a class action grievance on those issues.

This week we have received confirmation from Rutgers payroll that all but two of these tickets have been resolved. They have also indicated that they spoke to each member before closing out their file to ensure the issue was truly taken care of. So, if you had a case logged that was never resolved, please contact a Union Representative immediately. Once we can confirm that all of our members’ submitted issues are resolved, we will rescind our grievance – but we will not do this until we have documentation for each case.

Thank you to all our members who provided us with information regarding the payroll errors and thanks to all the Union Representatives who helped get the word out about both problems and resolutions surrounding the payroll migration. This has been a big task and could not be done without each of you.

In Solidarity,

Tom Murphy, Co-President, Local 5094
Alexis Rean-Walker, Co-President, Local 5094