HPAE Celebrates National Nurses Week: May 6 - 12 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Celebrates National Nurses Week: May 6 – 12

Taking Action to Protect Health Care and Patient Safety

HPAE nurses and health professionals play an important role in improving the delivery of healthcare services and advocating for patient, worker safety. During Nurses Week, we celebrate all that nurses and healthcare professionals do to be a voice for workers and patients in our healthcare system.

This year, nurses and healthcare professionals are joining New Jersey’s largest healthcare union, HPAE by taking action to fight for strong union contracts, stopping attacks on healthcare coverage for millions of Americans, and demanding Trenton pass legislation to protect patients and workers.

As I write, thousands of nurses and healthcare workers, all members of HPAE, are in contract negotiation with their employers demanding safe staffing, access to affordable and quality healthcare for all, and a voice for all healthcare professionals in their workplace.

We are working together with our community partners to put an end to the medical debt crisis in New Jersey. And we continue to work with our legislators to pass safe staffing legislation and elect candidates in 2017 who support issues important to nurses and healthcare professionals.

We commend nurses for the work you do everyday and as a union we will all continue to be advocates for our patients, our workplaces and our communities

I thank you for your efforts everyday and urge you to stand together as nurses and advocates for quality healthcare services that we all can afford.

In Solidarity,

Ann Twomey
President, HPAE