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RN Volunteers Needed in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria, tens of thousands of people in Puerto Rico are without power, food, water and medical care, leaving people in desperate need of help. There is a way you can help bring needed medical attention to those suffering right now.

The AFL-CIO is recruiting a delegation of RNs and MDs to volunteer for two weeks in Puerto Rico. Our national union, AFT, will make arrangements for HPAE members to be part of this effort.

Volunteers will leave from Newark airport on Wednesday.

If you want to volunteer and can be available in time, please contact HPAE Staff Rep, Joel Brooks, ASAP for more details. Email jbrooks@hpae.org or call 201-262-5005 ext 154. Be sure to leave a voicemail. Do not reply to this email.

Volunteers must be confirmed by 12:00 Noon on Monday.

If you are a nurse or doctor who is interested in making this trip, there are two things we need ASAP:

Read the CDC Health Information for Travelers to Puerto Rico.

Complete the volunteer intake form.

HPAE members should also contact HPAE Staff Rep, Joel Brooks. Email jbrooks@hpae.org or call 201-262-5005 ext. 154. Leave a voicemail. You will be called back.

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