HPAE Thanks Senator Joe Vitale & Assemblyman Dan Benson - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Thanks Senator Joe Vitale & Assemblyman Dan Benson

Nurses caring for patients at the bedside have a voice in their workplace when they are unionized. As the state’s largest healthcare union, HPAE represents 13,000 healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes, addiction treatment centers, health clinics, research labs and retirees. While we represent only a fraction of the over 110,000 registered nurses in New Jersey, we advocate on behalf of all nurses and staff that work at the bedside of patients in need of our care. Our voices collectively can make a difference to improve patient safety.

Take action here: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/vitalebenson

On a daily basis, across all employment sectors, nurses are being asked to assist more patients during their shift, tend to patients outside their specialty and patient outcomes are at risk.

As we embark on a new legislative session in Trenton, we have a new ally in the State House in Governor Phil Murphy. The Governor has indicated that he will sign safe staffing legislation into law and that has some nursing and hospital executives up in arms. They have upped their antagonism and are actively pushing back on this legislation.

It is our job, as bedside staff, to let Senator Vitale and Assemblyman Benson know that we support their efforts to enact safe staffing legislation. This legislation will help lower healthcare costs, allow us to do our jobs correctly and most importantly, save patients’ lives.

Please sign this letter to thank Senator Vitale and Assemblyman Benson for their advocacy on our behalf and let’s get this law passed!