Notice of Nominations and Election of HPAE Officers - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Notice of Nominations and Election of HPAE Officers

HPAE will hold an election for HPAE officers among registered convention delegates via U.S. mail, following LMRDA-compliant procedures, with ballots to be returned and received by October 28, 2021. The term of office will begin immediately following certification of the election results.

In the event a runoff election is necessary, an additional 30-day voting period for ballots to be returned and received will be provided from the time of the certification of results from the first round of voting. The term of office will begin immediately following certification of the election results.

In the event a candidate for State Office is uncontested, the Election Committee may certify the only candidate as the winner during the Convention.

Officers: The following Officers will be elected by delegates at the 2021 HPAE Convention:

  • President
  • First Vice-President
  • Secretary Treasurer

Term of Office: October 2021 through October 2024 (3 years).

Duties of Officers

President:  Principal officer of the Union. It shall be the President’s duty to administer the affairs of the Union and to execute policies established by the HPAE convention and the HPAE
State Executive Council. The President has the authority to direct and supervise the State Officers. In addition, each State Officer has the responsibility to ensure that the other State Officers are performing their roles and duties as outlined in the HPAE State Constitution.

First Vice President: Shall perform all duties of the office of the President in the their absence and when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. Duties specific to the office of First Vice President include committee chair for the HPAE State Convention, monitor pertinent State regulatory agencies, and assist in establishment of local programs.

Secretary-Treasurer:  Shall keep or cause to be kept an accurate record of minutes of the meetings of the HPAE and shall in general perform all duties incidental to the office. Shall supervise the maintenance and distribution of all funds of HPAE, shall keep accurate and current records of such funds, shall work with the HPAE accountant in developing and implementing a budget and shall report regularly to the State Executive Council. Will serve as the Chairperson of the Budget Committee, which is composed of all Local Treasurers. Will assist and oversee Local Secretaries and Local Treasurers in the performance of their duties.

Eligibility: Any HPAE member in good standing in accordance with Article IV of the HPAE Constitution and Bylaws is eligible to run for office.

Nomination and Election Committee: Sheryl Mount (Local 5105), Chair,  Doris Bell (Local 5118),  John Bauer (Local 5185)

For more detailed information about officer positions or running, contact the Chair of the Nomination and Election Committee, Sheryl Mount at