Important Membership Meetings on May 17th - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Important Membership Meetings on May 17th

We will be holding membership meetings next Tuesday, May 17th to give updates on negotiations. Our bargaining sessions were cancelled this week due to unforeseen circumstances and we signed a two-week extension to our contract. We will be giving details about what we have signed off on so far and what issues remain. Please join us to learn more and stay informed.
We will hold two in-person meetings and one virtual meeting over Zoom. Details below:

In-person meetings:
7:45 am & 7:45 pm
Holiday Inn Express, 398 Smith Street, Vineland

Virtual Zoom meeting & link:
12 pm

Caroline Sands, Elmer PACUKelly Fordyce, Cath LabKaren Bailey, Surgical ICUKaren Johnson, Labor & DeliveryTracy Green, Infusion Center