Rowan Update, July 1, 2022 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Rowan Update, July 1, 2022


Rowan SOM and Virtua announced their intention to affiliate earlier this year. This agreement has not been signed yet, but the parties are hoping to sign one soon. The CWA and HPAE have requested a copy of the agreement when it is signed. We believe that the IT and Billing Departments will be the most impacted by this affiliation and the Unions are fighting to protect our members’ jobs. CWA and HPAE have been meeting with SOM monthly, along with some of our members who may be impacted by the affiliation. The information we have so far has been minimal. We know that several members in these Departments have been leaving. Today, SOM sent the two Unions an email about Virtua coming to the SOM campuses next week. They provided the information and schedule below.

  • The Virtua IT team would like to schedule clinic site visits ideally between July 5-7
  • Virtua Representatives: CIO, Technical Lead, Clinical Apps Leads, Rev Cycle/Biz Apps Leads, Informatics Leads
  • Scope: visits will cover infrastructure (network closets, switches, servers, end- user devices and peripherals, scanning, telephony, biomedical devices, business continuity, security), Security (network, application, physical), physical layout (front and back office, exam rooms, access controls), software (athenaIDX and any other software, analytic tools, interfaces/extracts), any paper processes.
  • Rowan Participants: Department Chair, Clinic Administrator, IT staff. Possibly also Department Chairs and Administrative Directors.
  • The length of time at each clinic will vary depending on size (estimates): Stratford – 3 hours (4 practices), Sewell – 2.5 hours (9 practices), Washington Township – 2 hours, Mount Laurel – 1.2 hours (2 practices), Hammonton – 1 hour (1 practice), Vineland – 1 hour (1 practice). Below is what we have for locations and clinics.
  • You can find the clinic locations here.


If you believe your job may be impacted by the Rowan SOM/Virtua affiliation, please fill out the questionnaire linked here.

Once completed, please send it to Christine Munck at

In Solidarity,

Deborah Cruz
Rowan Chair, HPAE local 5094