HPAE local 5094 Solidarity Walks (June 6 Photos) - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE local 5094 Solidarity Walks (June 6 Photos)

Members of HPAE came together across New Jersey to stand in solidarity for a strong contract with Rutgers University as our campaign approaches one year in negotiations and in the streets building the power that wins. Members made waves at locations across the state and sent the team to the bargaining table on June 7 with the power of the people’s support.

Members are clear – We deserve a strong contract that meets the needs of our members including:

  • True salary increases that keep pace with inflation; Rutgers has the money!
  • An end to Rutgers’ illegal subcontracting of our work
  • Health and safety protections, affordable benefits, and dignity at work for all
  • Equality with our legacy-Rutgers colleagues in parking fees and vacation accruals
  • Tuition remission that actually covers all of the programs we need
  • Remote and flexible work options that work for us, not just for the University