Quest Diagnostics Bargaining Update, November 8, 2023 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Quest Diagnostics Bargaining Update, November 8, 2023

We met with Quest Diagnostics for 3 days this week.

  • Quest put proposals on the table to take away staffing committee, labor management quarterly meetings and we were able to push back and maintain current contract.
  • Layoff we were able to get 30 days to be trained and Quest only wanted 1 week.
  • The absenteeism and lateness policy cannot be changed during the life of this agreement.
  • We were able to strengthen our grievance and arbitration article by anyone be terminated will go directly to 3rd step to cut down on the time frame.
  • PTO and PTO health union proposal remains open and on the table.
  • Today we presented our wage proposal with new wage scales for each classification and 8% across the board each year of the agreement.
  • We were able to maintain those with 25+ years of seniority will not be required to work the weekends and Quest wanted to reduce the payment from $3.50 to $2.00 but we were able to maintain current contract.

In solidarity,

Local 5030 Executive Board