HPAE 5094 - Wins to Celebrate!! - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE 5094 – Wins to Celebrate!!

HPAE Organizing Victory for Camden OIT ! After a year-long battle, the Office of Information Technology at Rutgers Camden is now HPAE Strong! The activism and unity of the Camden OIT team led to the Labor Board (PERC) ruling in favor of the worker’s right to organize as HPAE and join HPAE 5094. This is a strong example of tenacity winning over stiff management pressure. Congratulations and welcome to our newest members!

Remote Work Victory! The Rutgers Coalition of Unions succeeded in a recent bargaining victory that we are proud to share. In the new improved language, we won a process of appeal that changes the practice that all manager decisions are final. If you have been denied remote work unjustifiably, or have been told that it will be denied, we encourage you to apply; and if denied, contact your union rep. If we strongly advocate for ourselves, we can make this a better workplace for all of us. Look for an invite to membership meetings for more details and ways to use the new language.

Raising Standards for those we now represent – We returned to the bargaining table on February 1 to support those we now represent at Camden ELRA School and across per diem roles in HPAE 5094 titles. It has been a win to gain these coworkers as HPAE members, some of whom have not had a raise in over a decade. We aim to correct such wrongs through negotiations and organizing. Tell the per diems in your area that you support them getting a raise. If we stand united, we can make our workplace one that works for everyone.

CalendarTake a look at the robust calendar of events from February and throughout the year. Join the sessions that interest you and bring a coworker. Please suggest new and improved sessions.