Local 5103 members: Management Proposal to Assign Apheresis Employees to Permanent Sites

Last Monday, management made a proposal to assign apheresis float staff to permanent sites. Once assigned  to a site, the employee would not receive mileage or travel time when scheduled at that site. This proposal is an attack on our travel benefit, and it’s the start of a line of battles we will have to fight in order to maintain our travel time and make even more gains in national bargaining. We’re gathering more information now and will be meeting to bargain this issue with management shortly.

Be on the lookout for updates about this and other critical issues as we enter into bargaining, and contact your local officers for more information. You can find the list of officers and reps as well as bargaining updates on out local webpage:  http://www.hpae.org/local/local-5103/.

To get involved with the Contract Action Team, contact Lisa Scaramuzzo at Lisa.Scaramuzzo@comcast.net.