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HPAE Local 5030 at Palisades Medical Center


Upcoming Events:

May 28 – General Membership Meetings

June 3 – Joint Training with Harborage Workers on the Hackensack/Palisades/Meridian Merger

May 19, 2015

Local 5030 will be holding membership meetings on May 28 at the Homewood Suites Hotel. The agenda includes a discussion of grievances and other member concerns. Then, on June 3, we will be meeting jointly with our brothers and sisters at the The Harborage to discuss the latest developments and information regarding the impending mergers involving Hackensack, Palisades, and Meridian.

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Workshop on “Systems of Safety in the Health Care Setting” – May 5, Free Admission for Palisades and Harborage Members

April 14, 2015

A health and safety workshop is being offered to HPAE members at Palisades and Harborage on May 5. The workshop, which will be held in the hospital auditorium from 4 pm to 6 pm, will focus on the following areas: identifying hazards in healthcare; the major safety systems; and the importance of making systems of safety a participatory process.

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Local 5030 Joins with Other HPAE Locals in Lobby Day

March 16, 2015

Lobby Day was a great success. Over 300 members of HPAE and other healthcare unions in the Coalition for Patients Rights and Safe Staffing (CPRSS) came to Trenton to talk to state legislators about the need for staffing legislation, including nurse to patient staffing ratios, which ensure quality care and patient safety.

HPAE members throughout the state of New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania were enthusiastic and excited to participate in Lobby Day. During the day, we held 23 meetings with state legislators, many of whom pledged their full support for a safe staffing bill.

Local 5030 members with State Senator Sarlo:

Check out HPAE’s Facebook page for more photos of Lobby Day


Message to Members of Local 5030/Palisades & Local 5097/Harborage

September 25, 2014

Local 5030 and Local 5097 are working together to make sure that our rights and contract benefits are protected as we move closer to becoming part of the Hackensack University Health Network (HUHN).

Read a Member Update on the Palisades/Harborage & HUHN Agreement (in English and Spanish)


Letter from the President: Update on Hackensack

September 18, 2014

On September 10, 2014 Palisades signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Hackensack University Health Network (HUHN). The LOI is the first step in a 6-9 month process that will expand Palisades’ current clinical affiliation with HUHN to include “corporate governance relationship”. This will allow Palisades to “become full members of the Hackensack University Health Network”.

Hopefully, this merger with HUHN will prove to be a sound move on the part of Palisades, providing fiscal stability and growth. HUHN has promised to infuse money into Palisades in the form of upgrades and new services. When the business plan and Letter of Intent are released to the state, we hope to find these commitments spelled out in detail.

We have many questions for what this will mean for members and patients at Palisades. To this date, we don’t have details as to what this expanded affiliation will mean. We promptly requested information and a meeting to discuss and negotiate any effects on our members. As a result of this request, management has sent the following promise to the Union office and members.

“It is the intent of the parties that: (i) all employees of PHS entities in good standing will be retained as employees of PHS entities following the Closing; and (ii) all existing labor contract and employment agreements shall be honored, in each case in compliance with the terms of the such contracts and agreements as well as the applicable provisions of law”.-Cited from Letter to Ann Twomey, HPAE President from Donna Cahil

Like you, I am concerned. Rumors are rampant; anxiety levels are high over the fear of losing our jobs and the protection of our labor contract. Therefore, I and your elected leaders will be vigilant to hold Palisades and HUHN to their promises.

Will there be changes? Of course, but as to what these changes will be, we do not yet know. I am told by Human Resources that “the biggest change will be new ID badges and a new name above our logo”. We hope this is true. But we must be prepared to enforce our labor contract.

This is a long process the hospital must go through to complete the merger. We have formed a joint committee with Local 5097/Harborage to work with the HPAE office to monitor the process every step of the way. Members are encouraged to join this committee. Look for website and notices. For Local 5030, it is business as usual, protecting our rights and enforcing our contract.

I do believe that Palisades had wanted to remain a stand-alone hospital. We know very few hospitals will remain stand-alone, Palisades, included. I have been told that Palisades signed with Hackensack with the stipulation that they remain a not-for-profit hospital. We will verify this. I do hope we can keep a small community hospital feel. I know for myself and many of other the long term employees, PMC has been like our second home. We have been a family for a very long time. PMC and its employees will still be here to serve the community. The Union will still be here to enforce the contract.

Let’s keep a positive attitude. Let us work together to make this a successful relationship.

Michele Burlington

Local 5030 President



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