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HPAE Local 5107 at Llanfair House/Wanaque/EVVNA/VNA of Englewood


VNA Contracts Extended Two Months, to Dec. 31st

October 28, 2015

Because of the pending change of ownership of EVVNA, we have agreed to extend the contracts for EVVNA and VNA of Englewood until Dec. 31, 2015. We need the additional time to negotiate “transition of ownership” issues, as well as other contract provisions.

Read the Agreement to Extend the Contracts


Letter from Laura Dymond (Wanaque) Regarding Changes in Local Officer Positions

October 13, 2015

Dear Local 5107 Members:

In order to give more attention to my responsibilities as a part-time HPAE Staff Representative, I am leaving the Local 5107 President’s position. In accordance, with our local constitution and by-laws, Abdul Umoru (Wanaque), who is currently one of our local’s three Co-Vice Presidents, has been selected to fill the position of President.

Gerry Simms (Wanaque) will remain Co-Vice President/Grievance. Melvin Deguzman (Llanfair House) will also remain a Co-Vice President. At this time, we currently have an open position on our Local Executive Board – Secretary-Treasurer. I will assume the responsibilities of this position until an election can be held. We also have a vacant Co-Vice President position.

I will still be involved with grievances and Labor/Management meetings and, as a Secretary-Treasurer, I will still be an officer on the LEB. I have the utmost confidence in Abdul’s ability as President. I greatly appreciate his concern for our members and assuming this position.

I want every member to realize WE are the UNION. It is not the officers and Reps. They are the collective voice of our members. We need every member to be an active participant. There is always strength in numbers.

In Solidarity,

Laura Dymond


Nurses Week Membership Meeting and Luncheon at Wanaque – May 14

Below is the notice of the Nurses Week membership meeting and luncheon at Wanaque.


Nurses at Wanaque Center Support 1199 SEIU Workers in Contract Fight

April 16, 2015

1199 SEIU members conducted an informational picketing at Wanaque today to protest the lack of progress in their negotiations with the new owners. While HPAE Local 5107 has already negotiated a contract with the new owners, local leaders and members are strongly supporting their sisters and brothers in 1199 SEIU in their fight to get a good contract. Nurses wore purple ribbons today (purple is SEIU’s color)and have signed a petition, demanding that the owners negotiate in good faith.

Read More About the Informational Picketing & Our Support Efforts


Important Notice for EVVNA and VNA of Englewood Members

November 20, 2014

REMINDER – An important new contract provision regarding vacation benefits is in effect. Per Section 13.2, “Effective January 1, 2015, an employee who gives notice of resignation as provided above or who is terminated following successful completion of the introductory period will only receive payment for any accrued but unused vacation leave earned during the calendar year in which the employee resigns.

Please note: Management will deduct newly accrued vacation time from your bank BEFORE time carried over from the prior year. While you might want to carry over a small amount of time to be used early in the New Year, if there is a possibility of your leaving the agency – use your time!

If you have any questions, please contact Carlton Levine at clevine@hpae.org.



Officer elections are coming!! A Nominations and Elections Committee has been appointed and soon you will be receiving a nomination form. Consider becoming involved in the local by running for an open position or nominating a colleague. All officer positions are up for nomination and election, and union representatives, the descriptions are below. If you have questions contact a committee member:
Kate Gonzalez
Iwona Bagares

The officers are (1) President, (3) Vice Presidents, and (1) Secretary/Treasurer positions on the Local Executive Board.

The President leads the Local by participating as an active voice in State and National initiatives; structuring the Local Executive Board to function as a team; leading the Local to address local issues by setting goals, implementing plans, and overseeing committees; assuring an effective internal organizing and communication plan; and assuring the contract is upheld at all times.

The Vice-President’s job is to perform all duties of the Office of Vice President as determined by the Local Executive Board. This includes the coordination of the activities of the unit representatives and members in their designated areas and serving as chairpersons of designated committees.

The Secretary/Treasurer is an active participant of the Local Executive Board and is responsible for recording and maintaining minutes of all union meetings and any communications as determined by the Local Executive Board. He/she follows all established policies and guidelines relative to meeting the fiscal requirements of the Local.

The Union Representatives will provide a means of communication between the members and the elected officers. They will evaluate floor and unit needs that should be brought to the attention of the Local executive Board. They will assist the Vice-Presidents in their duties.

Look for a nomination form in the mail soon and then a ballot to vote for the candidates. Nominate someone and vote. Be involved!

The members of Local 5107 have overwhelmingly ratified their contract with Wanaque!

June 12, 2014

Members will have a contract on the first day that the new owners take over. The union was successful in reducing or eliminating the most onerous of the new employer’s demands. A summary of the agreement can be found here.


Local 5107 has reached a Tentative Agreement with Wanaque!

June 9, 2014

A ratification vote has been scheduled for:

  • Date: June 11, 2014
  • Location: Wanaque Center (Conference Room)
  • Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm and 10:30 pm to midnight


Membership Update on the Sale of Wanaque Center

May 13, 2014

The Local 5107 Negotiations Committee met on Tuesday, May 13, with the attorney for Seniors Management North and Wanaque’s administrator to discuss and negotiate the impact of the sale of the facility on HPAE members. Under federal labor law, when a company sells their facility or operations to another company, they are required to negotiate with the union over the impact of the sale.

We discussed a number of different issues during the meeting. The attorney confirmed that the new owner will be offering employment to at least 80% of the nurses. We expressed our view that there should be a totally smooth transition and all staff continue in their jobs when the change in ownership occurs.

We presented several proposals to management. The main issues were:

• Making sure that nurses get their accrued but unused paid time off benefits • No gaps in coverage for health insurance • Nurses who have contributed to the 401(k) plan in 2014 should receive a “match” from the employer • Severance bonus to employees

Management will respond to our proposals when we meet again on June 5.

We are also in contact with the new owners and hope to schedule a meeting to negotiate with them as well. We would like to have all issues resolved before the transfer of ownership occurs.

Our position is that the current contract should remain in effect. However, if we negotiate any changes to the contract with the new owner, the changes will not take effect unless the membership approves them.


Members Vote to Accept By-Laws Changes

March 23, 2014

Members from Llanfair House and Wanaque have voted in favor of by-laws changes that will bring new members into the local. Visiting nurses from EVVNA and VNA of Englewood will be joining Local 5107. Welcome new members of Local 5107!


Local 5107 Members to Vote on By-Laws Changes

February 26, 2014

Members will be soon voting on by-laws changes. The most important change is a proposal to include two new groups of nurses – visiting nurses from EVVNA and VNA of Englewood – in our union. The following is a letter from Local 5107 President Laura Dymond on the upcoming vote:

Dear Local 5107 Members,
I want to explain why I and the other local officers support this change, and urge you to vote “Yes” for the changes.
Our Local currently includes nurses employed at two facilities: Llanfair House and Wanaque Center. Between the two groups we have around 100 members in the local.
There are two other groups of nurses (LPNs and RNs) who would like to become part of Local 5107.  Both groups are visiting nurses employed by the VNA Health Group; one is based in Essex County and the other in Englewod in Bergen County. The two groups combined have about 40 union members.
A merger with these nurses would make our Local larger and give us more delegates (and thus more input) at HPAE and American Federation of Teachers conventions. We would also have some additional financial resources as a larger local to use to support our activities, including membership meetings and Nurse Week events.
There will be no change in union dues or the assistance that we receive from HPAE in dealing with day to day issues or contract negotiations.
We think the merger will be good for Llanfair House and Wanaque and good for the visiting nurses. Please read the by-laws changes carefully and then consider voting “Yes”.
In Solidarity,
Laura Dymond


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