Update on the July 1st Reorganization - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Update on the July 1st Reorganization

UMDNJ Management has informed all HPAE members that effective July 1, 2013 their positions will be transferred to University Hospital, Rutgers University, or Rowan University as a result of the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act passed by the NJ Legislature and Governor Christie.

This new development marks the beginning of a new phase for public health care, medical education and research in New Jersey as well as for our union. Our union fought hard to ensure that the law includes important protections for community and hospital health care services, for workplace rights, for the integrity of our higher education institutions, and for community involvement and transparency.

Because of our strong advocacy, all HPAE members will:

Continue to be public employees.

Retain their seniority; no one has to apply for their current job.

Keep their current pension and state health benefits.

Keep the same negotiated rights and benefits under the current union contract.

Be protected from layoff due to the reorganization until June 30, 2014. (However, be aware that some layoffs may continue to occur for other reasons such as grant expiration).

As we move forward:

Members will be in the same bargaining units

Our current negotiated union contracts are still in effect and enforceable.

Our contracts expire on September 30, 2014. At that time, the new employers are legally obligated to negotiate new contracts with our union.

We will review our union by-laws and propose changes to be voted on by our members to ensure our organizational structure can best represent our membership at their new employers

Elections for Union Officers will be held later this year. More information is forthcoming.

Our work is not done. Despite the protections we have achieved, we anticipate many more changes in the coming months and years. While change is not bad, it is important that our union is organized so that our voices can be part of the process and we can continue to respond to these challenges. It is important that we show University Hospital, Rutgers University, Rowan University that our union is united and strong.

We call on all of our members to remain vigilant during this time period. It is up to us to ensure the protections we won in the law are upheld and enforced. Be sure to visit our website and check your email for further updates.