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HPAE Joins Mayors and Labor/Community Partners To Support a Minimum Wage Increase

HPAE joined with Mayors from Jersey City, Hoboken, and Bayonne, as well as community organizations, and other labor unions, to support the "Raise the Wage" campaign at a press conference and leafleting in Jersey City yesterday. In less than two weeks, New Jersey voters will have the opportunity to vote "Yes" on Ballot Question #2, which will raise the minimum wage in the state.

Photos below: HPAE officers and members at the event.

Statement from the AFL-CIO on the Jersey City Event:

We thank Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, and Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith as well as all elected officials, union members, and community partners who joined together at the Journal Square PATH Station to urge commuters and local residents to vote “Yes” on Ballot Question #2 this November 5th. Ballot Question #2 is a statewide referendum that if approved by voters, would raise the state minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.25 per hour and tie future adjustments to the cost of living.

There are approximately 429,000 workers in New Jersey who would be impacted by the minimum wage increase. For these workers, raising the minimum wage is more than an abstract policy question, it is a matter of survival – of having enough money to pay the rent, put food on the table, heat their home, and raise a healthy family.

During today’s press conference, speakers made it clear that the minimum wage increase would not only help lift low-wage families out of poverty, but would also benefit our economy as a whole. The fact is that working people are all in the same boat, and suppressing wages on those who make the least among us will have a negative impact on wages for all workers. Additionally, the current minimum wage is so low that workers with two and three jobs are still forced to rely on public assistance programs. Approval of Ballot Question #2 is a win-win scenario that would lift wage scales, boost consumer purchasing power, and spur greater economic activity in our communities.

As we in the labor movement believe, all work has dignity and deserves fair compensation. $7.25 an hour is a far cry from economic fairness and is a gross injustice to working men and women who are trying to survive and improve their economic standing.

We are grateful to the outpouring of support that was generated during today’s press conference and leafleting action. We ask that you help spread the word to your friends and family about the importance of voting “Yes” on Ballot Question #2 to raise the minimum wage on November 5th.

In Unity,

Charles Wowkanech, President
Laurel Brennan, Secretary-Treasurer

Vote "Yes" on Ballot Question #2 to Raise the Minimum Wage on November 5th