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Contract Negotiations are Right Around the Corner

Our Union contracts will expire on September 30, 2014. We are making preparations now to negotiate the best possible contracts for the future.

Because of the protections we fought for in the NJ Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act, Rutgers, Rowan and University Hospital must honor all UMDNJ union contracts and recognize all UMDNJ unions.

Each employer is obligated to negotiate new contracts with us when our current contracts expire.

Unlike in years past—when we negotiated with only one employer—we must now negotiate separate contracts with three different employers.

We will establish separate negotiating committees comprised only of members from each respective employer. Our elected Local Executive Boards are responsible for appointing Negotiating Committee members.

Surveys will be distributed to members in January 2014. Your responses will be shared with the appropriate Negotiating Committee so that your ideas and concerns can guide our proposals for the negotiations.

Only members from the same bargaining unit and employer will be able to vote to ratify your contract and make decisions about job actions.

We expect negotiations to begin by early spring. This will be our first experience negotiating separately with Rutgers, Rowan and University Hospital. We will be calling on members to participate in union activities to demonstrate our unity and solidarity to our new employers.

The dissolution of UMDNJ has caused unprecedented challenges for our Union. Our ability to secure protections for workers, patients during the reorganization has proved that when we work together we can accomplish our goals.

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