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Negotiating Committees at Rowan, Rutgers, and University Hospital Selected

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our negotiating committees for our upcoming contract negotiations with Rowan University, Rutgers University and University Hospital. Click on the headline above to see the committee members for each employer.

Rowan University Negotiating Committee

  1. Tammy DelleFave, Grants and Contracts Analyst
  2. Doreen Cameron, Admin Coordinator II
  3. Marion Dugan, Admin Analyst V
  4. Mary Kosciuk, Research Teaching Specialist III
  5. Monique Frasier, Staff Assistant

Rutgers University Negotiating Committee:

  1. Tom Murphy, Research Teaching Specialist III (NJMS)
  2. Alethea Hardin, Paralegal (NJMS)
  3. Judy Cunha, Operational Support Analyst (CA)
  4. Rachel Brown, Health Care Case Manager (SN/FXB-CHP)
  5. Joyce Murdah, Staff Assistant (SN/FXB-CHP)
  6. Jeff James, Sr Habilitation Counselor (UBHC)
  7. Michelle Bryant, Habilitation Counselor (UBHC)
  8. Georgina Brooks, Senior Financial Aide Assistant (CA)
  9. Alexis Rean-Walker, Senior Project Management Analyst (CA)
  10. Ryan Novosielski, Senior Systems Programmer (CA)
  11. Mary Doran, Budget Analyst I (RWJMS)
  12. Fatima Meadows, Program Support Specialist (RWJMS)
  13. Paul Matteson, Research Associate I (CABM)
  14. Alicia Rivera, Program Development Analyst (CINJ)
  15. Annie Drelles, Program Assistant (CINJ)


  1. Anna Delgado, Health Care Case Manager (SN/FXB-CHP) 
  2. Renardo Grant, User Support Specialist IV (SN)
  3. Tamara McNair, Biosafety Officer (CA) 
  4. Philippa Hodge, System Programmer II (CA) 
  5. John Cappaso, Management Assistant (RWJMS) 
  6. Karen Estok, Program Assistant (CINJ) 

University Hospital Negotiating Committee

  1. Kathleen Purcell, Principal Clinical Informatics Analyst 
  2. Judy Vincenty, Social Worker I
  3. Christine Boardingham, Speech Therapist
  4. Jacques Lherisson, Senior Respiratory Therapist
  5. Ivette Suarez-Vega, Pathologist's Assistant II

The Local Executive Board voted to finalize the appointments at our March meeting based on nominations received throughout January and February.

Members of the Negotiating Committees will help develop union proposals, participate in bargaining sessions, communicate with members, and help mobilize member support for our efforts. 

The current agreement expires on September 30, 2014. We’ve notified all three employers of our intent to bargaining a successor agreement. No dates have been scheduled yet for the talks to begin.

In Solidarity,

Judy Cunha, Co-President Local 5094
Tom Murphy, Co-President Local 5094

ps. Please check your mail. Contract surveys have been mailed to all members’ homes. The survey may also be completed online. Click here