University Hospital Community Oversight Board to Meet - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

University Hospital Community Oversight Board to Meet

The next meeting of the University Hospital Community Oversight Board (COB) is Tuesday, April 15 at 12:00 noon at the Rutgers Cancer Center, 205 South Orange Avenue, B-Level, Room B-1120.

The COB was established as part of the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act. The purpose of the board is to ensure and uphold the mission of the hospital and the intent of the "Newark Agreement" to provide a comprehensive health program to the community in the City of Newark, including ensuring access to all essential health care services provided by the hospital.

HPAE Public Policy Coordinator, Jean Pierce, and Teamsters Local 97 President, John Gerow, are both appointees on the COB as union representatives.

Our Union fought for the inclusion of the COB in the law when the Governor and State Legislature dissolved UMDNJ and made University Hospital a stand-alone hospital. It's important that we remain vigilant to ensure the Oversight Board fulfills its purpose.

Community Oversight Board meetings are open to the public and we encourage HPAE members and members of the University Hospital community to attend.

In Solidarity,

Elmer Daniels, President
HPAE Local 5089

Tom Murphy, Co-President (Newark)
HPAE Local 5094

ps. Union leaders will also be meeting with University Hospital President, James Gonzalez, later the same day for our quarterly Coalition Meeting with the Hospital.