Layoffs at the Hospital: What you need to know - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Layoffs at the Hospital: What you need to know

As you may have heard, some HPAE members at University Hospital received layoff notices last week due to “budget constraints” at the Hospital. In total, ten HPAE professionals and one staff nurse were laid-off. In addition, there was approximately twenty Teamsters and at least one CWA supervisor laid-off. At this time, management has not informed us of any additional anticipated layoffs.

Know your rights: Our HPAE union contract provides layoff rights.

You must receive 28 days notice, or 28 days pay in lieu of notice, before you can be laid off. Layoffs must be in order of seniority within a department and job classification. Most HPAE members have the right to fill a vacancy in the same or previous title; to bump the least senior employee in the same or previous title at the Hospital; or to be placed on a recall list.

If you received a layoff notice, contact a union representative immediately – and be sure to inform your boss and Human Resources that you wish to exercise all of your layoff rights.

Knowing your rights is the best way to ensure they are enforced.

Our union coalition will be meeting with the Hospital President and CEO, James Gonazalez, later this week. It is our intent to find out about any other changes we can expect and, as always, to be a voice for our patients and the services we provide.