FXB/CHP Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

FXB/CHP Update

By now, you are likely already aware of the life-threatening attack in November on a DCF worker at the Camden office of the Division of Children Protection and Permanency.

Be advised that State workers, represented by their union, CWA, have informed DCF that they will not be working on Tuesday, December 2nd if their demand to have every office secured by an armed guard with a hand-held metal detector is not met by Monday, December 1st.

HPAE members who work in the Child Heath Units are employees of Rutgers – subcontractors for the State. We have a separate union and a separate contract with our employer. However, we support CWA in their demands because they affect us too. We encourage you to show solidarity with our DCF co-workers by wearing red to work on Tuesday.

State offices or not, Rutgers also has a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. We’ve demanded meetings with University management but so far have been ignored. We are now filing a grievance against Rutgers for violation of our contract by failing to provide for a safe workplace.

If these efforts should fail to produce results, we will consider taking similar action as CWA if and when authorized by our membership. However, at this time, HPAE has not authorized a job action. If you participate on Tuesday, HPAE cannot guarantee you will be protected from discipline.

We are hopeful that the State will take worker safety seriously and that they will take immediate action. We expect the University to place a high priority on our safety and to meet with our Union to develop an immediate response to our safety concerns.

We are in communication with CWA and will be updating our HPAE FXB/CHP Reps and Liaisons on Monday. Please stay tuned for more information.

Posted November 30, 2014