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April 15: Support Fast Food Workers fighting for $15/Hour and a Union

April 11, 2015

On April 1, McDonald’s announced that it would implement modest raises in its corporate-owned locations that would bring its average wage in those stores to $9.90/hour by July 1, 2015. This raise affects only about 10% of McDonald’s frontline workers, and leaves even them far short of the $15/hour and a union that they’ve demanded. But doesn’t it seem that McDonald’s is starting to give in a little to the growing movement demanding real justice for America’s low-wage workers?

If you’re encouraged by the fact that the campaign is working, join in on April 15, when fast food workers across the country will take to the streets to demand a living wage, safe working conditions, and the right to organize a union without interference.

Join them for a rally in a nation-wide day of action:

Wednesday, April 15 Day of Action:

New Brunswick, NJ:

3:30pm @ Rutgers Labor Education Center, New Brunswick

Contact Bryan Nelson at bnelson@hpae.org or (732)692-9317 if you can join

Newark, NJ:

4pm @ City Hall (920 Broad Street), Newark

Contact Jean Pierce at jpierce@hpae.org or (732)841-2049 if you can join

Philadelphia, PA:

3pm @ Broad and Arch Streets, Philadelphia

Contact Sandra Lane at slane@hpae.org or (510)501-0464 if you can join