Local 5089 University Hospital Contract Update – August 20

Our Negotiating Committee met with management again on Tuesday, August 18 to continue negotiations for a new contract. Based on the discussion at the previous session, HPAE presented revised proposals dealing with seniority which includes lay-off and recall language as well as language which protects our rights as union members.

Despite many efforts on our part to resolve key contract issues, no substantial agreements have been reached to date. At the August 18th session, we expressed our anger and concern that it has been almost a year since we began to negotiate; and management has yet to present the remainder of their non-economic proposals, or begun any discussions related to economics.

Management’s failure to provide us with a complete set of proposals reflects disrespect toward our members and is a bad way to bargain. Negotiating in good faith requires both parties to bring their issues to the table in an effort to reach a suitable solution for all; however, management continues to focus on minor issues, which we consider a distraction, or demand major concessions which are intended to incense our members.

Some of the concessions they have proposed include:

  1. Eliminate the current staffing language (we’re trying to strengthen the language)
  2. Eliminate the current staffing language (we’re trying to strengthen the language)
  3. Replace all benefit time with Paid Time Off (PTO)
  4. Reduce FMLA rights
  5. Reduce job protection language
  6. Random drug testing
  7. Criminal background checks
  8. Reduce due process rights by changing Grievance and Arbitration language

As of September 30, it will be exactly one year that we have been working without a contract and we do not have a date for our next session as yet. It is time for our members to send a strong message to management that we demand respect and expect them to come to the table and bargain in good faith.

We will soon be communicating with the members about our next steps, but if you would like more information, please feel free to contact your local union rep or call HPAE Staff Rep, Dawn Baker at 201-262-5005.