HPAE Local 5094 Convention Delegates - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5094 Convention Delegates

The nomination period for AFT and HPAE Convention delegates has concluded.

The following members of HPAE Local 5094 have been nominated to serve as delegates at our HPAE State Federation Convention in October and the AFT Convention in July:

AFT Delegates
Alexis Rean-Walker, Co-President
Alethea Hardin, Co-Secretary
Georgena Brooks (Rutgers)
Deborah Hayward (Rutgers SN-FXB)
Ryan Novosielski (Rutgers)
Judy Vincenty (UH)

HPAE Delegates
Tom Murphy, Co-President
Alexis Rean-Walker, Co-President
Alethea Hardin, Co-Secretary
Mary Doran, Treasurer
Danielle Lambert, Co-Grievance Chair
Mendes Toussaint, Co-Grievance Chair
Jeffrey Amendo (Rutgers UBHC)
Omar Baig (Rutgers SDM)
Christine Boardingham (UH)
Georgena Brooks (Rutgers)
Deborah Cruz (Rowan)
Ana Delgado (Rutgers SN-FXB)
Honnee Foster (Rutgers RWJMS)
Carmen Garcon (Rutgers -SN)
Louise Graham (Rutgers RWJMS)
Evelyn Granger (UH)
Deborah Hayward (Rutgers SN-FXB)
Marta Hernandez (Rutgers RWJMS)
Katherine Lacson (Rutgers UBHC)
Amy LaVeglio (Rutgers UBHC)
Clinton Lendor (Rutgers)
Sheila Lewis (Rowan)
Fatima Meadows (Rutgers CINJ)
Ryan Novosielski (Rutgers)
Alicia Rivera (Rutgers CINJ)
Arthur Roberts (Rutgers RWJMS)
Lorraine Slye (Rutgers SN-FXB)
Susan Stephens (Rutgers CINJ)
Lisa Stressman (Rowan)
Ivette Suarez-Vega (UH)
Cassandra Tichian (Rutgers SN-FXB)
Maryann Trotta (Rutgers CINJ)
Amber Turner (Rutgers CINJ)
Judy Vincenty (UH)
Tonya Watson (Rutgers UBHC)

All nominees are running unopposed and therefore our Election Committee has cast one ballot on behalf of the entire slate of delegates and all candidates are deemed elected by acclimation.

The Local 5094 Nomination and Election Committee congratulates the entire slate of delegates. We look forward to representing our union together at our upcoming conventions.