Local 5089 UH Contract Update - July 13, 2016 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5089 UH Contract Update – July 13, 2016

Our Negotiating Committee met with management for another bargaining session on July 6, 2016. The session was productive as we were able to protect the rights of our members related to representation and discipline, as well as address FMLA, tuition refund, floating and worker’s compensation. Furthermore, we presented management with a counter wage proposal and are awaiting their response. HPAE reiterated our commitment to ensuring that every member is placed on the correct step of the wage scale in addition to increasing the wage scale by 2% each year of the contract.

After the bargaining session, we met with management to negotiate over the impact of UH’s decision to change the color of uniforms to white for our members. Management stated that there is no definitive start date for the change to take effect and continue to insist that the details of the change have not been finalized. On the other hand, the following details have been provided:

  • Every member will be required to wear white uniforms except for those in Labor and Delivery, Emergency Department and the Peri-Op Division.
  • Affected members will receive five (5) white uniforms prior to implementation of the new policy.
  • A process will be developed for members to exchange their uniforms in the event that they are either soiled or damaged beyond repair.
  • Every eligible member will continue to receive their uniform allowance for July 2016.

Despite the fact that we disagree with UH’s decision to focus their attention on the color of uniforms, It is important to note that management had no plans to provide uniforms nor an exchange program prior to HPAE demanding to bargain over this issue. We will continue to monitor this issue and provide updates as they occur.

Lastly, HPAE is scheduled to meet with management on Thursday, July 14th to continue negotiating our contract. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact your local union rep or Dawn Baker, HPAE Staff Representative at 201-262-5005 ext. 136.