HPAE Supports "Out of Network" Legislation to Stop "Surprise" Medical Bills - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Supports “Out of Network” Legislation to Stop “Surprise” Medical Bills


Bridget Devane speaking at the press conference on October 13.

HPAE participated in a press conference today with consumer, business, and other labor unions to call on New Jersey legislators to post and pass the proposed Out-of-Network bill (A1592). HPAE Public Policy Director Bridget Devane stated that “our members care deeply about their patients and the future of their hospitals. Healthcare workers live and work in the communities they serve and utilize their hospitals for their own medical care. This legislation creates a balance that protects patients from surprise medical bills while also protecting the financial stability of New Jersey hospitals by establishing fair reimbursement rates for our hospitals and providers.”

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