Summary of Tentative Agreement between HPAE 5094 Professionals and University Hospital - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Summary of Tentative Agreement between HPAE 5094 Professionals and University Hospital

Below is a summary of our tentative agreement with University Hospital for HPAE Local 5094 Professionals.

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Our current contract remains the same except for the following modifications:

1. Wages:

a. Effective retroactive to 10/1/2014:

• All unit members on payroll as of that date will move one step on the wage scale (this is anywhere from a 1.6% to 2.3% raise).
• For those on the top step as of 10/1/2014, there will be a lump sum bonus of $750 for full-timers and $375 for part-timers.
• The salary scale will increase by 0.7%. Combined with the step movement, the total increase will be 2.3% to 3% for those who qualify.

b. Effective retroactive 10/1/2015: The salary scale will increase by 2%.

c. Effective retroactive 10/1/2016: The salary scale will increase by 2%.

2. Market Analyses: Management has agreed to perform a market rate analysis for the for six job titles: Physician Asst, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Sr. Respiratory Therapist, Physical Therapist and Social Worker. These analyses will be done between 1/1/2017 and 12/31/17.

3. Shift Differential: This will be increased by 10%, from $2.50/hr to $2.75/hr.

4. Tuition reimbursement: An increase of $700 to $3,700 per year. Employees utilizing this benefit must stay employed with the Hospital for one year after reimbursement.

5. Continuing Education: Staff members are now guaranteed three (3) days off with pay for continuing education.

6. Union Representatives: Each locally elected Union Representative will now receive one paid day off for training. Better educated Reps equals better representation!

7. Work Time: Codify the ten (10) hour work day into the contract.

8. Seniority: Increased seniority protections due to expansion of the job series list (now includes a Budget Analyst, User Support Specialist & Programmer Analyst series).

9. Inclement Weather Emergencies: A revamped policy that will allow the Hospital to call for emergencies and still provide additional compensation (20% bump in pay for hourly essential employees; comp time for salaried per departmental approval).

10. Side Letter on Inclement Weather: Any employee whose department does not notify them of their essential status may request, in writing, a confirmation of their status. Management has fourteen (14) days to respond.

11. Pay Period: All payroll errors will now be corrected through direct deposit.

12. FMLA: Unpaid leave reduced from six (6) months to twelve (12) weeks – ensuring better staffing on many units where there are multiple FMLA leaves. Those with enough benefit time can still be out up to one year.

13. Workers Comp: For those employees hurt while performing their duties, there will be a better benefit (moving from 70% of salary to 100% of salary) for the first eight weeks out. The following four weeks will be paid at 70% and after that it will be in accordance with state regulation.

14. Court appearances: Clarified so the Hospital will not pay you for court appearances if you are engaged in a personal lawsuit against them.

15. Resignation: Pro-rated payout of benefit time if an employee provides less than three weeks notice (with provisions or unforeseen circumstances).

16. Reimbursement of Training Expenses: For those members that accept positions which requires the Hospital (at the employer’s expense) to send them for training, there will now be a mandate to stay employed by the Hospital for a certain period (up to two years for current employees, up to three years for new hires) or pay back a certain amount of the training cost. This provision does not apply to tuition reimbursement or other monies for continuing education.

17. Discipline and Grievance Procedure: A new, more streamlined process was negotiated. Now if management does not adhere to certain timelines, minor disciplines (that cannot be arbitrated) may be thrown out.

18. Non-Discrimination: We’ve added several protected classes to our non-discrimination clause.

19. Union Dues: Members moving from title to title or into a 5094 position from another HPAE unit (e.g., staff nurse) will have their membership carried over without any interruption.

20. Transmission of Dues: Increased demographic data provided to the Union for improved administration.

21. Labor-Management: The language now provides for biannual labor-management meetings to address members’ issues and concerns.

22. Criminal Background Checks: Management may, upon reasonable suspicion, perform a background check for criminal convictions only.

23. Drug and Alcohol Testing: Management may, upon reasonable suspicion (by a certified member of administration) require employees to take a drug and alcohol test. These tests will be conducted by a certified laboratory with split samples to ensure no false positives. The results will be reviewed by someone trained to interpret these tests in conjunction with one’s medical history. If any employee voluntarily discloses a drug or alcohol problem, then they are entitled to rehabilitation and a job upon completion of their program.

24. Side Letter on Working from Home, Kitchen, and On-Call: The Hospital has agreed to explore a work from home option for those positions where it makes sense. They also agreed to look into providing a kitchen in Building 10 and, finally, to expand the on-call pool for EPIC Certified analysts.

25. Term of contract: Expires on September 30, 2017.